Uniform Info

Sunhats and Caps:

LHS sunhats and caps are available for purchase from the Uniform Shop to be worn outside of the classroom.  No other headwear is permitted all year round.

Physical Education Uniform:

Physical Education uniform can be purchased at the Uniform Shop.


Students are permitted to wear:  

  • Taonga around their necks.

  • TWO small studs or sleepers in each ear.

  • ONE flat ring (in total, not per hand).

  • ONE small stud, no bigger than 2mm diameter in nose.

  • One flat bracelet per hand.

  • A small linked necklace chain with or without a small, appropriate, cross or decoration.

Facial Hair:

  • Facial hair must be clean, groomed and tidy to avoid patches and no longer than 3 cm in length.

  • Hair is permitted on the face only and must be groomed so as not to extend onto the neck.

  • Exemptions may be given for medical or cultural reasons.


Students are not allowed: 

  • Facial piercings not specified above e.g. nose rings, eyebrow studs and lip studs.

  • Vests

  • No sports club or sports team wear (including LHS sports team merchandise).

  • Coloured tee shirts or coloured singlets under their shirts/blouses.

  • No large earrings, spikes or stretchers.

  • Hoodies.

  • Black canvas shoes/boots or ballet flats.